Thesis Supervision for Non-Informatics Students

As an Academic Associate of the School of Philosophy, Psychology, and Language Sciences, I offer thesis supervision for a small number of students on PPLS degrees – both Honours theses and MSc dissertations.

These are the topics I am happy to supervise:


  • Computational modelling of semantic and phonemic fluency data
  • Technology as a cognitive prosthesis – techniques for helping people remember tasks, facts, and words
  • Cognitive aspects of the usability of computer systems
  • The effect of depressive states and dysphoria on people‚Äôs interaction with technology or social media


  • Discourses of health, illness, and wellbeing on social media
  • Pragmatics of human-computer interaction
  • Attitudes towards spoken dialogue systems and synthetic speech (naturalness, perceived personality, perceived interpersonal skills)
  • The effect of the language used in user interfaces on the way L2 English speakers of different ability levels and backgrounds interact with technology

As I have a high teaching load at Informatics, I am normally very selective about the students I take on, and I tend to consult with a colleague at Psychology / Linguistics to ensure that the dissertation satisfies local requirements.