Research Questions

Some of the research questions I am interested in include:

How can we help people with chronic illnesses, which fluctuate a lot in their severity and the concomitant handicap, get new insights into their health, so that their condition becomes more manageable? This includes presenting information in such a way that it is easy to understand, even if you are in so much physical or mental pain that you can barely concentrate.

How do people remember to do things that support their health and well being, such as going for walks or taking their medication? How can they weave this self care into their daily lives, and how can technology support them in this task?

How can technology help people with an invisible chronic illness (re)build their identity? This can be through tracking what triggers particular symptoms, or through going back in time to reclaim and integrate their old self.

How can we ensure that people have access to and control over their own information? Most wearables and trackers operate on the hidden assumption that the data which users produce can be aggregated, mined, and sold.

How can we make (health) IT inclusive and accessible to people of different ability levels? To me, inclusiveness also covers the design of a product. People with chronic illnesses are often stigmatized by the health care products they’re forced to use, such as ugly walking sticks or wheelchairs.