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Permanent Post Unlocked – Reader in Design Informatics

Even though I took up the post on September 1, it’s been a whirlwind of a time, including a presentation at Interspeech 2016 and an invited talk at the Design Informatics seminar.

But here I am, finally making it Website official: I have joined the School of Informatics, University of Edinburgh, as a Reader in Design Informatics.

Design Informatics is a very interesting hybrid. It focuses on working with data and tries to bring together highly technical and mathematically challenging disciplines like machine learning with an approach to design that owes a lot to classic product design, art, and human geography.

Research: CATalytics

I’m currently building a small research group with the aim of designing, developing, and evaluating technology that helps people with long-term conditions live rich, fulfilled lives. The provisional name of the group is CATalytics (Context Appropriate Technology and Analytics). Expect a research group update soon!


This semester, I am only guest lecturing on a few courses, but next semester, I will be teaching my Human Factors class. This class is open to everybody who is interested in Human Computer Interaction, and does not require any programming skills.

Website Reset Accomplished

I’ve had a static web site with information about me at this address for many years, and with three different hosting companies. Its aesthetic used to be very much informed by the Internet Stone Age, which is when I first started writing web sites.

I’ve now finally dragged it kicking and screaming into Web 2.0 and set it up under WordPress using the Minimalism theme so that it can serve as my official “home from home online” while I go off and produce content on a variety of social media (and self-maintained) web sites.