Permanent Post Unlocked – Reader in Design Informatics

Even though I took up the post on September 1, it’s been a whirlwind of a time, including a presentation at Interspeech 2016 and an invited talk at the Design Informatics seminar.

But here I am, finally making it Website official: I have joined the School of Informatics, University of Edinburgh, as a Reader in Design Informatics.

Design Informatics is a very interesting hybrid. It focuses on working with data and tries to bring together highly technical and mathematically challenging disciplines like machine learning with an approach to design that owes a lot to classic product design, art, and human geography.

Research: CATalytics

I’m currently building a small research group with the aim of designing, developing, and evaluating technology that helps people with long-term conditions live rich, fulfilled lives. The provisional name of the group is CATalytics (Context Appropriate Technology and Analytics). Expect a research group update soon!


This semester, I am only guest lecturing on a few courses, but next semester, I will be teaching my Human Factors class. This class is open to everybody who is interested in Human Computer Interaction, and does not require any programming skills.